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PEKANOVDESIGNS is a branding and digital agency that develops businesses through strategic thinking and good design.

Pavel Pekanov is a freelance product-, creative-, art- director and designer with an exceptional team and professional network. He's been running the creative label since 2008.

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We transform the client's idea into a well-made IT product, using our experience and client's agenda as the foundation for our development.

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CSGOZone.net has been running since 2014, with around 300k users. The client was looking for a better design, UI/UX and a visual upgrade for the logotype.

May 2016
case study
The project “Time Will Come” is the place where you record a video-message and seal it with a secret keyphrase till the right time comes.

If you could share your life experience with others, what would you tell them?

Dec 2015
QUOINE is a sophisticated Bitcoin trading platform, established in 2014. The platform utilizes margin trading, derivatives, futures, algo-trading and more tools derived from traditional banking and financial services.

The job was to re-design the platform to cover multiple devices, make it easier to use and make it look really advanced and modern.

Mar 2015
Synthetic Horizons (SYHOR, syhor.ai) is producing applications, software and hardware/gadgets in AI, Deep Learning/Machine Learning, Big Data fields.

The job was to develop company branding, design the company storytelling and pilot product presentation.

Aug 2016 (WIP)
DISQVR finds you music, movies and books (e-books) based on your preferences and activities. It also finds you people with common interests, people to chat and exchange media with.

DISQVR is a Deep Learning, entertainment, social networking, e-commerce app.

Oct 2015
Today you have to cherry-pick among people who claim to be skilled translators.

With non-conventional language pairs (for e.g Chinese-French, German-Japanese, Hebrew-Russian) this picking process can take forever—and even then—may not guarantee flawless results.

Sep 2013
Ultra-lightweight design for a contractors marketplace. Yobine features job postings, schedules (calendars), escrow and milestone payments, private messaging and video-conferences.
Jul 2013
Kissmydisc is an enormous e-commerce media store with a focus on Japanese goods. The twist here is a mix of native e-commerce UX with social networking and gaming experience.

May 2013
Video messenger (video duration is limited to 2 mins). A simple and fun way to keep in touch with your friends, family and beloved.

The project has been suspended since 2014 and merged with Time Will Come on Dec 2015.

Nov 2013
A design competition project. Crecent researches and develops neural “toys”. Today Crescent is actually just the HQ, the Fortune 500 company that operates over: Crecent Concepts, Crescent Industries, Crescent Dynamic.
Mar 2012
Various out-dated projects till 2011 including identity, print, experimental works, raw concepts. Most of these projects are closed by now or otherwise surpassed by the competition.

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